Monday, April 27, 2009

A bad friend indeed

So, I know my journey is coming to an end and all, but let me sincerely apologize for not having updated everyone in such a long stretch of time. I have done and seen so many things, to recap them here would quite frankly be an injustice to each of you. Rather, I would like to take one person at a time and divulge all the nuances in depth, sharing laughter and tears over the crazy adventures I've had and still continue to find myself tangled up in. Between romping through foreign countries and mastering Italian, to enjoying white wine on the steps of a church designed by Michelangelo and gawking at the Sistine Chapel, my life for the past four months has been nothing less than a fairy tale indeed. So thanks for sticking with me and yes, I will eventually add tons of pictures and stories, but bare with me, for what better way to actually experience and remember things than by living them in the moment? No, I am not becoming some sort of philosophical yuppie, just practical more so. Or maybe, I really need to adopt that New Year's resolution I seem to make each and every year: live each day for what it is and stop dwelling on the future. With that, I take a brief departure and will continue to soak it in and live it up, because as fast as this all came on, the end is near and sadness looms forever near. I love you all and shall bombard your ears soon with outlandish writings of the strangest kind. Stick around, we have places to go...but not alone, always together.


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