Thursday, March 19, 2009

traipsing about

Ok friends, the time has finally come. I will be departing for spring break TODAY. So, I may not be able to update you all until the final leg of the journey, or more realistically, once I return to Italy. I did go to Verona and Bologna this past weekend, but a quick write up on that will come later. Just know I saw Juliet's famous balcony and took a trolley ride through the city, then did some Ferrari shopping in Bologna. The usual. Anyways, I am often to Edinburgh tonight, where I will stay for four full days, departing Monday for Dublin. After remaining on an Irish holiday, I will hit up London by Thursday afternoon, staying in the land of fish and chips until coming home Sunday. If this all sounds exhausting, imagine how I feel! And since I am flying the ever pleasant Ryanair (you know, the luxury airline provider?) I am taking basically nothing along for the ride. Think two pairs of jeans and several T-shirts. This ought to be interesting, but it's time to be a real traveler. Anyways, midterms are over and life is good, so if only my last load of laundry would finish so I may pack my few remaining belongings...Ciao for now.

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