Monday, January 12, 2009

It began before it has begun

    Right now I should be writing obituaries and compiling news stories, but the prospect of leaving in less than 14 days is a bit exciting. Regardless of work, I can't help but looking up facts, weather, stats and whatnot about Florence, while sitting at my desk for eight hours of course. So to pass the time, I called the State Department of Health to see if I should acquire any type of shots before this excursion. Yet instead of information, Connie (my helpful telephone buddy) decided to relay her accounts of her own European adventures with her daughter.
    Connie seemed to be a bit excited that I was going to her old romping grounds, familiarizing herself with me to the point where she said I could try and find her lost suitcase in Barcelona if I happened to travel there.
    After I laughed and thought she would direct me to some useful tips, she just continued on talking; I guess even if you aren't really Italian, being captivated by such a place is far too easy to get lost in.
    I listened intently however and responded appropriately and after 20 minutes Connie finally did help me out. No shots needed (Hallelujah for that at least)
    Hopefully everyone in Italy is that excited and if they aren't, I could always give Connie a call for some good laughs.
    Har. Har.
    On a side note, I started a packing list today (because lets face it, I am way too far behind in planning this trip) and decided I was going to attempt the monumental feat of lugging things into suitcases come this weekend. I am a bit afraid, seeing as how I have no idea what I am going to take with me besides underwear and deodorant, but I feel like if I wait long enough it may just pack itself? Maybe not. It seems that I worked so hard to get my passport, visa, program application and everything else that goes along with this harder-than-applying-for-college-want-to-pull-my-hair-out-and-will-be-broke-for-the-next-five-years experience, that I forgot about the details that happen AFTER you get accepted. 
    I say oh well though, because I should not complain, how many people get to go to Europe at 21.
    Get over it.
    Oh shit. It seems I should probably get back to work, seeing as how my boss is staring at me and weezing a bit. Oh, those disgruntled noises, how I'll miss them so. Greaaaaat.

    I forgot to tell you I found out my living arrangements. I got emailed Saturday and discovered I am living with four other guys in a three room apartment building called "Lo Pizzo" (the masculine form of pizza? What?!) But the best part is I got the SINGLE ROOM. I have no idea how, but two rooms are double and I scored big with a single. 
    Let's take a moment to ponder some thoughts with this new information:
    1.) Single room
    2.) Florence, Italy
    3.) Holy shit
    Now all I need is a string of Italian women age 25 and under feeding me grapes and speaking in their native tongue. Hey, don't rule that thought out just yet, anything can happen!

    Anyways (the weezing is getting louder) updates will be provided soon. Miss you all already. 

    P.S. Some of you may have a tree house in your backyard, but here is what will be steps from my home...(try not to be jealous)

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