Friday, January 23, 2009

Che Stress!

    My Italian teacher always said "Che Stress!" when a piece of her computer equipment failed to show the powerpoint presentations she'd tirelessly constructed the night before. It means what it says, but hearing this phrase five times a day made it stick quite firm in my mind. Therefore, I give you...


    She would be proud she taught me something. 
I started packing (finally) tonight and bought all the needed medication, school supplies and other necessities for this trip (including a box of CoCo Wheats, because I plan to introduce this chocolaty breakfast treat to 'dem Italians while I'm over there)  
However, I have yet to actually put anything in a suitcase, so whether that classifies as starting or not is up to you to decide.

    I am getting a little nervous, but more so ready to just leave. Besides, these abstract weather patterns are getting even weirder and I just want to be in the Mediterranean lounging with some beautiful people (something Venango County surely lacks in).  I have one more work day left (Sunday) and after that it's wine tastings and cheese festivals for four and a half months. Who could ask for more? I'm salivating so I better get a tissue.

    I'll leave you with this fun fact:
    The average Italian consumes half a pound of bread a day.
    (SCORE! I'll fit right in.)


  1. They probably don't consume it with ranch dressing though...

  2. Coco Wheats!! Good choice! Show those Italians what a good breakfast consists of.

  3. I'll miss you. Did you choose this time just to get out of singing The Agnostic? lol

  4. ahhh binky! we wish we could have come home this weekend to see you, but i got off work sooo late last night! we will miss you much, bring us home some good presents! ha

  5. Ha! Miss you already! Be safe, and remember all of us at 309!